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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunrise 6:13: Wrong turn, right farm

For no good reason (it's not that they were out late), the Dawn Joggers many hours past dawn this morning. While the male DJ made their farm fresh egg breakfast, the female DJ drove up the hill the the boulangerie in nearby La Chapelle Thecle, choosing that location because she thinks the village bakery there looks like it's straight out of a movie set. They needed enough croissants to cover their early departure tomorrow morning when they head to Taize for Pentecost as well as a baguette for today's lunch.

The female DJ had decided today was the day she'd head off alone for a walk in the countryside, embolden by her success at navigating a long jog earlier in the week. She knew that the "Randonnee 47" would be tricker than the jog and sure enough she was off course almost immediately after passing through the grounds of the Chateau de Montpont and its gruff owner and snarling dogs. Another wrong left turn took her well to the side of the woods she was supposed to be walking through but (the good news) by a large French horse farm that sported many adjacent pastures of good looking animals, including one with brood mares and their fairly young offspring (but too far for Clario to capture in a photo). Now if she could only figure out what breed they are - and whether warm blood riding horses or draft stock...



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