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Friday, May 09, 2008

Sunrise 6:15: Ponds, killer crepes and ATAC

Truth be told, the female Dawn Jogger is getting pretty used to the rhythms of life in the Bresse countryside, particularly when there are so few demands on her time. The day began with a jog to and around the local pond, where grazing cattle greeted her (with the church in Montpont en Bresse in the background). Then the DJs headed out for the day's luncheon journey, this time to Pont de Vaux. There they stumbled upon another pleasant pond which they walked around before dining at Le Raisin. It was probably their first "gourmet" meal since arriving, complete with mini Michelin style service (although not nearly as robotic as the starred establishments). Crepes Parmentier, a specialty of the house, accompanied the main course, and they were a guiltily consumed taste treat. The very pleasant afternoon was topped off by a stop at the best ATAC (a chain of French supermarkets) the female DJ had ever been in, a true super supermarche. She came out with more than groceries, including some things for granddaughter Grace...


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