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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunrise 6:21: Lots of Burgundian white

Yes, Burgundy's white wine is famous and, while less so worldwide, so is the region's Bresse chicken and Charolais cattle. The Dawn Joggers rose well after dawn this morning and headed out for a midday main meal at a nearby village. The female DJ's roast chicken came with a tag to show it was authentic. (When will California's Rosie and Rocky brand be clamoring for similar tags of distinction?) It was good but neither DJ was convinced it was better than they get at Schaub's (which is neither Rosie nor Rocky - and in the DJ's opinion, better than both).

After lunch the DJs walked along the river near their watermill turned house and to get a longer jaunt in, the female DJ headed towards the nearest village, Montpont en Bresse, and walked around its pleasant manmade lake where there were lots of Sunday picknickers. Any passerby seemed to bring the young and curious Charolais cattle grazing in nearby fields to the closest fence...



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