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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sunrise 6:17: Day in the Jura

The Dawn Joggers took off after a light breakfast for a day in the adjacent Jura region, known for its magnificent scenery and distinctive wine. Like the Bresse region of Burgundy, it's not on the American tourist map and locals seem surprised when they hear the DJs (and usually think they're Canadian.) On this spring day in May, the Jura was everything that its tourist board boasts - spring green foliage and perfect shirt sleeve weather. The first stopped was Baume-les-Messieurs (pictured), considered one of the prettiest villages in France, which is situated at the convergence of three valleys. Its 9th century Abbey is in perfect ruin - still standing but in decay (sort of like its monks, who began as Benedictines but morphed into idle noblemen with lax rules). They then headed to the hilltop village of Chateau Chalon, one of the main winemaking areas. They sipped some of the distinctive tasting and smelling Jura wine and purchased a bottle of reserve made from the Savagnin grape. Tomorrow they can return to just enjoying country life and already have their order into the local butcher who fancies himself a chef...



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When used as a possessive, the word "its" has no apostrophe.

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