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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunrise 6:11: Last day at Moulin de l'Homont

Today is a holiday in Europe (the Monday after Pentecost), which means everything is closed, and the Dawn Joggers have to figure out how to navigate the day on existing supplies. Or so they thought before the female DJ headed out in the early morning for her last jog of this trip - the good 7-mile route that takes her through Les Dezarets where the dairy cows share the pasture with the well-protected Bresse chicken.

Later on the route, she saw people people already enjoying the holiday in the French countryside, fishing at a local pond. And, speaking to the 'where to get supplies' issue, the mini market was open in La Chapelle Thecle, which suggested that the Montpont en Bresse mini market would also be open. (It was.)

She returned thinking that maybe they'd go on a picnic, too. But why go to another location when they have the perfect picnic spot at the Moulin de l'Homont? The smallish river that runs under the house is La Sane Vive, and it's part of what makes this location so pleasant for just enjoying French country life. As the male DJ points out, the day's events can be measured by what the neighbors (five brown and white cattle) are up to...



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