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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunrise 6:34: Aussie grass frolic

Cassie the 13-year-old Australian Shepherd has cherished each and every blade of grass she's come across - backyard grass, field grass, and the wild grasses of spring. When she was a pup, she'd lower her head in the grass and then run full speed ahead, nose down. A visit to Booka and Nan's on Hillview Drive was a treat due to their large grass backyard. And for over 10 years every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she'd lope across Roble Field on the Stanford campus at sunrise. When the Dawn Joggers started going to Arastradero Preserve to jog on Fridays, she'd often stray a bit off trail, just to get the soft grass under her feet. So, this morning, the female DJ took her to Roble Field, and the spry old girl pranced around with a smile on her face. There is no doubt that if Cassie were human, she'd have played outfield...


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