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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunrise 6:44: Easter morning walk

Cassie and the female Dawn Jogger headed out to Arastradero Preserve for an Easter morning hike. Seeing so many brown spots on her Big Dish outing yesterday, the female DJ wanted to get out to the area that for a couple of years had been the DJs dawn run on Fridays while it was still green. It's more magical at dawn than later in the morning, and the female DJ would easily trade the cottontails and coyotes they'd regularly spot at that time of day over the three-foot rattlesnake that slithered across the trail about the six feet in front of them today. It was still a pleasant outing with Cassie getting in more than her fair share of sniffs to make up for lost time. Julie and John will join the DJs for the 5:00 Easter service...


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