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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunrise 6:36: Big bird nest?

Over the past few weeks, the female Dawn Jogger has spotted a couple of Blue Herons hunting together. While the DJs see these big birds frequently - and from time to time one has roosted in a tree near their house, greeting the dawn with a couple of loud shrieks - they've not seen a pair together on a consistent basis. The female DJ last saw the pair hunting together on the Alpine side of the Dish when she did her Wednesday Dish run. No sign of them this rainy morning when she did the usual Saturday full Dish route. But as she started across the Stanford campus on her way home, she came across what she thinks may be their nest in a tree near the Narnia dorms. The size of it - about four feet wide and dense with pine branches - stopped her in her tracks. The Blue Herons that inhabit northern California are typically four feet high and nest in wetlands. Maybe this pair have distinct personalities like the the famous San Francisco peregrin falcons, George and Gracie...


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