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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sunrise 6:35: 1100 Hillview Drive for sale

The female Dawn Jogger's friend Barb had alerted her that the Hubbard home on 1100 Hillview Drive was on the market earlier this week, and it had been at the back of her mind to alter her Thursday jogging route so that she could swing by and see the "for sale" sign herself. The light rain this morning cinched the deal - no need to slog through the mud around Lake Lagunita. More has stayed the same with her family home than has changed in the since years since her parents reluctantly sold the home they so loved in 2001 and moved to a senior housing complex. It's yellow now and new windows have been added, a good addition due to busy Santa Cruz Ave.(which was just a quiet street when the house was purchased new in 1951). Barb reports that there are now granite counter tops and some nice built in cabinets, but the '50s vintage tile in both bathrooms remains. The planter box on the front porch that her father built is still there as is the light at the end of the walkway. The female DJ continued down Hillview Drive, past the Moffets, Otts, Connors, Rundells, Ackles, Flickas, Giskes, Patersons. At each doorway she could see the Donna Reed-style mom with apron on and cookies in hand. It really was that way growing up on Hillview Drive...



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