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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunrise 6:46: Three rainbow morning amid the gloom

The female Dawn Jogger always goes out to get the morning papers before taking off for her predawn jog. She'd heard the Chronicle was up for sale - and might close - sad news for "newspaper people" like herself but as the male DJ said: "21st century newspapers don't have a business model" referring to the disappearance of both classified (to online) and display advertising. The Chronicle was still at the end of her walkway this morning fully packed, as are all papers, with financial doom and gloom. There was one other sad note in today's edition: the Tonga Room - located in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel - is likely to close. The female DJ loved going there as a child because of the 'tropical storms' that occur a couple of times an hour. It was fun introducing John to the scene when he was about eight (you never tell a child it's going to rain inside, that's part of the surprise), and she was looking forward to taking Grace in a couple of years. So she was thankful to chase all the bad news away with a three rainbow morning during her Wednesday Dish run. They just seemed to be everywhere she looked...



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