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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunrise 6:42: Not regular Saturday

The Dawn Joggers frequently talk about things being "not regular" - which usually implies more than just the meaning of the words. By any definition, the female Dawn Jogger found her Saturday Dish run "not regular." Her axis was already a bit off kilter with the male DJ off at a conference for photojournalists (at a Bible college near Fort Worth of all places). But there was nothing else to suggest things would be anything askew on the run. Her first hint was the way the Dish was facing - south. Undoubtedly in the 19 years the DJs have used the Dish area for exercise, it's been pointed that way before but rarely (or so she thinks). Next there were the three infantrymen who were jogging towards her with full pack and boots. (Guess jogging shoes aren't part of the uniform.) Finally, there was the very pretty cat that was intently watching the field for the sign of a mouse or other small rodent. A just "not regular"outing...


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