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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunrise 6:51: Celebration of wild and precious living

It was a different kind of Saturday morning for the Dawn Joggers. After the female Dawn Jogger took a quick 'clear the cobwebs' jog around the neighborhood (passing the fiery red six-foot high hedge that's in full bloom), they headed to the memorial Mass for their friend Donn. Those in attendance stayed in the pews following the Mass to listen to family, friends and colleagues share - speaking broadly - "fish stories" as Donn was a committed sports fisherman. Donn's wife Marilyn, who the female DJ has known since kindergarten spoke eloquently of "60 years of wild and precious living" and Donn's connection to other living things, especially cats, dogs and fish." It was Donn who was an early influencer on Kitty's socialization. The female DJ is inspired by Marilyn's bravery, courage and love...


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