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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sunrise 7:10: Not as the eye sees

As the male Dawn Jogger notes in his blog post yesterday, his friend Scott brought over an old photography book called The Retina Way. Even though the female DJ had read the post, she missed that the Retina was a rangefinder camera that Kodak had produced for a couple of decades starting in the 30s. Rather, she had assumed that the book was about learning to use a camera so that the resulting photographs appeared as the eye had actually viewed the scene or person (unless, of course, manipulation was the objective from the beginning). It was just that frustration - not being able to capture what her eye saw - that she experienced this morning taking almost two dozen photos (way more than average) during her Dish run. The predawn light has always been a challenge for the Lumix cameras she has carried, though each generation gets a little bit better (Lumio is a FX150). This morning there were pretty scenes every where she looked: pinkish orange tendrils in the sky, an orange glow around Big Dish itself, cows silhouetted against the early morning light. But no photo she took came close to the wonderful and subtle shades of light she'd seen pre and post dawn. The cows dotting the ridge top say pastoral more than pretty...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Judy informed me that Uncle John is no longer with us and in a better place. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am sure he is enjoying Aunt Ediths' company!

12:46 PM  

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