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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunrise 7:15: From prayer guy to rodeo queen

At the beginning of the fall quarter, the "prayer guy" appeared on the Stanford campus. The female Dawn Jogger saw him with regularity facing east at sunrise from the dry lake bed of Lake Lagunita. When the winter term began, his appearances ceased, but Miss Rodeo California - or at least her horse trailer parked adjacent to the open paddock area of Stanford's equestrian complex - all of a sudden showed up. Because the female DJ's parents had very good friends in Salinas, she grew up going to the annual California Rodeo held in that town and remembers the Rodeo Queen (usually on a paint or palomino?). It just seemed a bit incongruous that the she'd be on campus, home to few rodeos. Turns out she's a graduate and is an assistant coach of the team in addition to her many official appearances, which she blogs about. The female DJ will keep an eye out for the queen and her horse...


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