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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunrise 7:14: How foggy was it?

On their drive over to Baylands, the Dawn Joggers called their Portland friends Ricki and David, who they'd enjoyed a Baylands outing with one Saturday last fall. David reported the usual Portland foggy gloom in contrast to the bright sunny skies in Menlo. But about 1/2 mile west of 101, the fog appeared, clearly some kind of low lying bay fog as opposed to coastal fog that blows in from the west. It was so foggy at Baylands, in fact, that the female DJ actually took a wrong turn as she traversed Byxbee Park and later along she was stopped by two couples who couldn't get their bearings, even though they had a map. The usual clues of east and west were cloaked in the thick fog (thicker than the photo indicates). The male DJ called the female DJ's shot "Wyeth like"...


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