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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunrise 7:16: A kindness Kitty understood instantly

It was with a heavy heart that the female Dawn Jogger set out for her Wednesday Dish run this morning. When she came home from a meeting last night, the male DJ told her that their friend Donn Reisen had died on Monday. Professionally, Donn was President of Ridge Winery - and it's clear from a blogpost on Wine Spectator that the industry feels his loss and held him in the highest esteem. Personally, Donn was husband of Marilyn, who the female DJ went all through Hillview School with (back when it was a K through 8). To the DJs, Donn will always be known as the man whose kindness and gentle manner won over Kitty (their cat who took a while to get the hang of being social). On a night many years ago when the Reisens were at their home for dinner, Kitty did not hesitate to cuddle up in Donn's arms for some petting and attention. There must be some adage about animals knowing the goodness of a person. The DJs hold Marilyn and the rest of Donn's family in their prayers...


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