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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunrise 6:58: First of the season creek shot

The female Dawn Jogger took off for an infrequent early Sunday morning run - in the rain. While there was a series of storms in December, January was particularly dry and the rain over the past week has been sporadic, although heavy at times. A steady ran started last night and it seemed like - finally - there would be an opportunity for a "creek shot," one of the favorite things for the Dawn Joggers to photograph over the years. San Francisquito Creek was as full as she's seen it this year but still wimpy compared to past seasons. The creek has been as high as the golf course when viewed from the bridge between the second and third hole (top photo) and well up the side of the reinforcing wall under the bike bridge at the end of San Mateo Drive. It was strong enough for the ducks to have taken cover...



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