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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunrise 7:02: A barn in the neighborhood

The female Dawn Jogger grew up thinking that an artisan guild and luncheon/tea room were part of any suburban neighborhood thanks to the fact that Allied Arts Guild, located on Arbor Road, was a frequent visiting spot, often with aunts or great aunts. As a girl, she loved the old barns the most. These had been preserved when wealthy art patrons, Delight and Garfield Merner, bought 3.5 acres of what was once Spanish land grant property. One barn shed remains a favorite of hers. When she runs in the dark it's often a beacon of light - the craftsman evidently starting his day early. She also admires how the wood has weathered and the moss grown in a painterly fashion (yes, a theme lately). This morning the sides of the building were still wet from the rain...


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