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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunrise 6:55: Regular schedule brings shared experiences

Since the female Dawn Jogger began her regular Wednesday Big Dish run in 2007, she is pretty regular about when she leaves the house - around 6:20. This becomes crucial in the summer months when she needs to get across the first fairway in advance of golfers who are teeing off early. Running at a regular time means a week can make a big difference, especially when the sun is rising earlier daily. This morning the Dig Dish and her favorite oak where in full sunshine while last week they shared the predawn light with the moon. Regular run times also mean sharing adventures with other Dawn Community members, like the four cyclists she sees most Wednesday mornings either along Alpine Road or closer to home on Sand Hill. They're always good for a shout out as the peddle by on their prework ride. (She thinks their Stanford MDs.) Today they all encountered the same obstacle - a down tree across the jogging/bike path. It was hard enough making your way on foot; carrying a bike over the bramble was more difficult. Should she have immediately tweeted, "Down tree interrupts morning exercise..."



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