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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sunrise 6:38: Looking for a "God shot" on election day

There was the usual good pink display at sunrise this morning but the female DJ was looking for something that said "God's grandeur" even more and liked the way the sun shone through the clouds about a hour after official sun up. Today will be special. It is Grace's first birthday and will hopefully be the most important day in American history in the female DJ's lifetime. Writes Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori in a letter to Episcopal dioceses and parishes: "As you prepare to vote, I urge you to consider how the Reign of God - a just society - particularly as explicated by the Hebrew prophets and by Jesus, can be made real in our own day...As caretakers and steward's of God's creation, each one of us is responsible for the flourishing of the rest of the human family. As in all elections, on 4 November we have the opportunity to continue working to reconcile and heal the world..." The DJs believe deeply that Barack Obama is the person to help our country get there. Birthday pix of Grace to come later this afternoon...UPDATE:
The DJs celebrated Grace's first birthday at the fabulous new Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. With all to see and do, Grace gravitated toward the jelly fish (go figure) and practicing her crawling up and down stairs skills in front of the coral reef. Things that didn't move - like the famous white alligator - went unnoticed. The big thrill for the female DJ: a huge butterfly landed and planted itself firmly on her arm in the rain forest exhibit. She hadn't been such a show stopper since assuming ownership of the Obama doll at a fundraiser...


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