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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunrise 7:34: All Hallows Eve

This morning the female Dawn Jogger has to put up with some sprinkles along with the dark on her hunt for well-decorated homes set for the trick or treaters tonight. One house on Princeton was completely covered with cob webs, spiders, and skeleton. The dim light didn't make for good photo possibilities but did increase the spooky factor. 1100 Hillview Drive has its pirate flag from last year and ninja type characters on the lawn. Booka and Nan would be so pleased...

Evening update: Did everyone forget trick or treating this year? In all their years in Menlo Park, the DJs never witnessed such a dismal turnout, greeting only a couple of dozen youngsters at the door. Of course, the important moment was Grace making her Halloween debut as a pumpkin...



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