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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunrise 6:36: Remembering the departed

Today marks All Saints Day, and the Dawn Joggers heard the names of people who had been close to them but who died in the past year read aloud at Holy Trinity's 8:30 service - Kelly Edie, Priscilla Graham, Hubert Pryor, and Mike Spillane. All Saints Day can be a somber Sunday with full requiem Mass but today's sermon by the Rev. Coryl Lassen took a celebratory tone, telling a number of saints' stories based on Robert Ellsberg's excellent book, All Saints. New this year was a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead display at the back of the church. As the Sunday insert explained, "In Mexico death is considered just a part of life. On November 2, families, especially in rural villages, go the grave sites of the departed and set up a picnic feast where they toast the dead and remember stories of their lives." So, too, they DJs remembered...


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