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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunrise 7:25: "Wow!" walk along the Embarcadero

It was before official sunrise that the Dawn Joggers headed up to UCSF today, and by the time they arrived at the radiology unit at China Basin, the sun was not only shining brightly but warmly. While the male DJ spent an hour in the MRI machine, the female DJ headed out for a walk to the Ferry Building and back along the Embarcadero. With the morning light and very blue skies, everything was showing off at its best, including Cupid's Bow, which debuted to rave reviews of local critics in 2002. On the way back to the imaging center, she walked along King Street to take in the new Orlando Cepeda statue and Wall of Fame. Just ahead of her a man, appearing to be headed to work, stopped and touched the Cepeda stature, making her wonder if it was a daily ritual. And yes, neuro-oncologist Dr. Susan Chang gave the male DJ a "thumbs up" report...

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