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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunrise 6:52: On the move in Annecy

People were already in motion this morning when the female Dawn Jogger did a loop jog along the bike path and lakeside trail. It was after 8:00 am but the sun was just making its way from behind the eastern peaks that make the view from their rental house so spectacular.

The area around Lac D'Annecy seems constantly alive - land, water and sky. There's every imaginable kind of boat from pedal to steamer; people take to the air via parasailing and hang gliding. On land, they walk, jog, roller blade and cycle. No one seems to sit still.

Thinking they'd avoid the crowds of the market days (Sun/Tues/Fri) in Annecy, the DJs headed into the town that sits on the northern most section of the lake. They landed in the middle of the monthly antique market but made their way nevertheless, taking in the ambiance of this picture postcard perfect setting, including the famous medieval prison that sits in the middle of the Thiou River, which flows out of, rather than into, the lake. After a good lunch, they walked to the lakeshore, where a vintage wooden motor boat was taking off with its passengers (human and dogs).
Great people watching all day long...



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