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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunrise 6:32: Cousin visit

There were six Reid siblings who reached maturity - Hazel, Duncan, Claire, Edith, William and Stuart - and came with their father, a granite cutter, and mother (who had been the postmistress in their small rural town of Knowles, CA) to San Francisco in 1922, while the City was still rebuilding from the Great Earthquake of 1906. Today, four of the siblings' offspring (first cousins) are living - Barbara, Leah, Judy, the female Dawn Jogger and Billy. The last few days have featured cousin visits, first in the Sunset district where they found the house their grandparent Reids lived in the top flat with Stuart while daughter Hazel and her husband lived on the bottom. When the duplex house on 11th Avenue was purchased they're not sure, but all have childhood memories of family gatherings there. They admit they might not have found the house if the distinctive bricks had been painted over as so many others in the vastly changed Inner Sunset neighborhood had. Today Leah joined the DJs for a Saturday walk.jog in Baylands...


Anonymous Patty said...

You forgot Billy! He would be a first cousin and he is still with us. What is the address they lived at? Billy would love to know. He goes to S.F. every year on the anniversary of his father's death (August 18) to visit. He would love to see his grandparents house. Do you have any family tree documentation that you can share? Hope all is well.

Keep smiling!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Linda Hubbard Gulker said...

Dear Patty, the address is in the photo - 1230/1232 11th Ave.

The irony of 'forgetting Billy' is that Barbara and I talked about how wonderful it was that Billy was at Stuart's memorial. So he was much in our heart if not in my 'blog mind.'

8:54 PM  

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