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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunrise 6:31: Sign snatchers

One dark October morning four years ago, the Dawn Joggers were putting their running shoes on when they heard a loud crash. Hurrying out through the back gate, they saw a car stopped in the middle of the street about two houses away from them. The driver was inspecting the front of his car. It took them awhile to figure out what had happened.
In an attempt to 'take out' the DJ's Kerry for President sign by driving over it, he'd hit the rock just behind it, which he probably didn't notice in the dim morning light. The DJs have always put their signs on the Oak side of the house (more traffic) near the rock in their lawn (although they'd never thought of it as a decoy). Evidently the sign snatchers of Menlo are back at it. The female DJ noticed that their Obama sign was gone this morning when she headed out on jog. A neighbor reports her is missing too...


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