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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sunrise 6:51: On the shores of Lac D'Annecy

The Dawn Joggers headed out together this morning for a walk along that part of Lac D'Annecy that borders the village of Saint-Jorioz where their very comfortable and spacious rental home is. Just beyond the village beach and harbor is a protected nature area that borders the Roselieres foot path. They saw lots of flora (tall reeds) but little fauna except for two swans that vexed the male DJ who was trying to photograph them. Later they ate lunch at a pleasant restaurant also along the shore. With most of the European vacation time over - and temperatures in the 70s - this is a great time to visit this part of very pretty part France (that was once part of Italy - Napolean III was given Savoy as a thank you for something or other). The food is fresh and French...



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