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Reflections and sightings from [almost] daily jogging at dawn

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunrise 6:22: Breed change

There are things that are unusual but regular. If the unusual stretches beyond its prescribed criteria, it becomes a bit puzzling. Such are the sights along the 5 mile loop that takes the female Dawn Jogger well across the Stanford campus, cutting back to the creek through the arboretum, and then back home along Bay Laurel and other Menlo streets. Over the years, a Golden Retriever is sometimes tied up in the front yard of a house on Ambar. There's always a fresh water bowl and plenty of shade, but all in all folks in Menlo don't tie up their dogs in the front yard. That's what makes it unusual. The female DJ has long posited the theory that this is a visiting dog who, for whatever reason, is banned from the house and backyard. This morning a woman and her daughter were standing by this house as the female DJ approached, looking at the front porch. The Golden Retriever had transformed into a Bulldog. The three women looked at him long enough that he waddled across the lawn for a scratch. He was not at all concerned about being tied up...


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