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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunrise 6:21: Really all about last night

While the male Dawn Jogger did his "Heidi" exercises this morning before church, the female DJ did a quick loop jog down one side of the creek and back up the other. Two friendly kitties greeted her but wouldn't sit for the photo. All moot really as nothing this morning was as exciting as cheering on Giants outfielders from the last 50 years at the ballpark last night. Kevin Mitchell (on jumbotron) and Willie Mays (the greatest outfielder of all time on any team) spoke. So did Barry Bonds, who came "home"...


Anonymous Michael Wilson said...

Hello Linda,
Michael Wilson here from the old Chromo's days in Pasadena. My wife and I live here in Anderson Valley on our small horse ranch above the valley floor in Philo.
I built a webpage as a tribute to the Ferus Gallery (1957-66) artist's and there is a link to John Reed there (Chris might find this interesting). The webpage is at
and the John Reed link is in related links column. Hope all is well with you two.

Michael Wilson

6:17 PM  

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