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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunrise 6:53: Contiuing the wine theme

That there are grape vines near San Francisquito Creek is a rebirth of the 1880s when one of Leland Stanford's three vineyards sprawled across the what is now the west campus and his the winery was housed in a red barn that now holds a restaurant and other businesses. It's the area the female Dawn Jogger run across on most weekdays - and on which her house sits. Stanford had another vineyard, Warm Springs, near Fremont but his highest hope was pinned on Vina, north of Sacramento, where, according to the alumni magazine, he dreamed of retiring with his son and producing great white wine. The winery failed and his son's death brought instead the birth of a great university. The Palo Also winery served locals who would stop by with empty containers to be filled until Mrs. Stanford, a temperance advocate, stopped the practice in 1893. The Stanford campus - and the surrounding three miles - remained dry until the 1970s...


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