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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunrise 6:48: A park being transformed

With an early morning appointment at UCSF to get to, the female Dawn Jogger decided that a walk around the park while the male DJ was having an MRI made a lot more sense than a too short jog. It's an easy four blocks from the Parnassus campus to the eastern edge of the park, anchored by Kezar Stadium (or at least what's left of it). Her uncle was a gardener in the park, and because he knew every corner of it, she saw more of it as a girl than most mid-Peninsula residents. While he worked, it also became her private playground. Today she sees a park in transformation - a good thing. The DeYoung Museum reopened with great fanfare five or so years ago (although she thinks the lions are a remnant of the old museum - will need to find out) and now the Natural History museum is being rebuilt. The bandstand and plane trees between the two buildings remain a constant. Meanwhile the news delivered by the neuro-oncologists was good...


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