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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sunrise 6:47: Two happy Aussies

That's one of the satisfying things about Australian Shepherds - they smile, even when they're being asked to sit so their portrait can be taken. The female Dawn Jogger had noticed two young Aussies making their way around the Lake Lagunita a couple of times, and today she stopped and talked to their owner. He, like the Dawn Joggers, was on his second ownership round. The Tri, a male named Jeeves, is three and the uncle to Opal, an 18 month old Blue Merle female. As Aussie owners do when the meet, agreement was quickly reached that these are "different kinds of dogs." The female DJ can report much evidence of fully Aussie behavior...


Blogger Diamonique Whybra said...

this is the first owner of mother gave her to you because we were low on so happy i found pictures of her X'D if you could, could you email me more pictures of her please? and how many puppys has she had?
my email is

12:32 AM  
Blogger Diamonique Whybra said...

nvm im wrong XD maybe idk im sorry if i made you all like what? O-O XD

6:25 AM  

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