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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sunrise 6:45: The eye versus camera

The female Dawn Jogger was bemoaning to the male DJ last night at dinner about how her trusty First Blush camera, Silvio (a Lumix DMC-FX9) wasn't able to capture the same image her eye was seeing. The topic had come up because of the color distortions in the sky recently caused by smoke from two fires. There ensued a lengthy tutorial by the male DJ about how the brain brings more to image processing than simple vision, which is closer to what a camera does. Writes Ashish Ranpura on BrainConnection: "...almost all higher order features of vision are influenced by expectations based on past experience." On her Big Dish run this morning, the female DJ took a number of photos, struck by the gradations in the overcast sky and then by the sun's rays breaking through. None quite captured the subtlety or beauty what her mind was seeing...


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