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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sunrise 6:50: Beating the golfers

It was the perfect running at dawn morning - just light enough when the female Dawn Jogger set out and just the right conditions to show off a sky filled with patchy clouds. It was also dark enough that the female DJ was pretty sure she could beat the morning tee times. So she did what she's wanted to do ever since the good path went off and was replaced by the noisy, takes-her-out-of-the-way bad path last fall - she sprinted across the length of the golf course's second hole. It's a nice pleasant direct route from Sand Hill to the Red Barn. After five miles of meandering around campus taking pathways and roads unfamilar, she made her way back home - on the bad path.The new Hewlett and Packard buildings, now nearing completion, are pretty intriguing...


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