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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunrise 6:25: A dog in full

The female Dawn Jogger presumes there must have been some sustained downpours in the overnight rain that fell. For for the first time in months, Cassie's favorite puddle had returned near Lake Lagunita - and the water was actually running in the channel that drains into the lake. Running back and forth in the water with high stepping paws continues to be a favorite pasttime, even at 13.. The water, the green and the sun made for a pretty Earth Day postcard. Today the female DJ's father turns 96, celebrated with cupcakes and song...


Anonymous Janice Rockel said...

Linda, our son David Rockel gave me your website which I have been following closely with your postings and Chris' as well. We have kept you both in our prayers during this difficult illness that you both are dealing with.
Also saw that yesterday was your Dad's birthday. We can't tell you how happy we were to meet both your parents when they came to CT for Karen & David's wedding in 1988. We also enjoyed visiting them at their home on a few of our trips to CA. Please pass along Birthday Greetings to your Dad for us.
Kindest regards,
Jan & Bruce Rockel

9:27 AM  

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