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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunrise 6:17: Bellying up to the bar

The reunion-and-old-memories theme continues and was much on the female Dawn Jogger's mind when she set out on her Saturday Dish run. The police cows were making a rare appearance close to Alpine Road clumped around what remained of an old oak - sort of like bellying up to the bar (undoubtedly a necessity to getting through tonight). Back at home the male DJ and Alice were making preparations for an impromptu brunch for Michael (and Alicia) and Barb. A shout out to the male DJ and Alicia for putting up with all the reunion chatter that so quickly digresses into adolescent topics. (Is HE really sleeping with HER?) A couple of incoming cell phone calls revealed that one classmate and her husband plan to make a grand entrance on their low-rider Harleys. There is something fun about being temporarily transported back in time...


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