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Friday, April 27, 2007

Sunrise 6:18: Be true to your school

That her high school was having a reunion this weekend sort of crept up on the female Dawn Jogger, and she decided to keep in the spirit by jogging around the old neighborhood this morning rather than the Stanford campus. The reunion activities got kicked off last night unofficially with a dinner with friend Michael and his companion, and yes the yearbook got pulled off the shelf. Reunions are both creepy and fun, and Michael suggested that there's something to be said for remembering people as they were rather than what they've become. But both classmates felt a pull to their roots, explained much by the fact that they both went all the way through elementary and high school in the same area, as did most of their classmates. Families settled in Menlo Park and Atherton in the 50s and stayed, which seems to bring greater depth so the usual reunion show and tell. They've known their classmates - and in many cases siblings and parents - almost they're entire life. Hillview School, which is slated to be torn down and rebuilt, is where it began for the female DJ...


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