First Blush

Reflections and sightings from [almost] daily jogging at dawn

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sunrise 6:26 am: Two towel kind of morning

It was back to "Fridays at Arastradero" for the Dawn Joggers this morning now that the rains - and resulting muddy conditions - had subsided. There was an abundance of wildflowers in bloom and only a few really soggy spots. Cassie managed to do a good job of finding each and every one of them. The DJs have long marveled at Cassie's status as "the dirtiest Aussie in Menlo Park," a veritable mud magnet. She pranced through one dark puddle, emerging with mud up to her belly. A smart remedy seemed to be a rinse off in Lake Arastradero, and it did do the trick, at least for a short while. She picked up on a new layer of dirt and twigs before getting back into the car for the ride home, requiring a patio hose off so extensive that two towels were required.


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