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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sunrise 6:37 am: On rainbows and corporate culture

Great rainbow (faintly seen in photo) was spotted by the Dawn Joggers this sunny (!) morning as they looked across Lake Lagunita. Coincidentally, they were chatting with one of their early AM friends about a company that's long used a rainbow as part of its logo, Apple. Seems a local third grader wrote Steve Jobs a letter offering her suggetions on how Apple might improve its iPod, all part of a school project on writing business letters. She waited three months for an answer only to get a stern letter from Apple's corporate counsel explaining that the company does not welcome unsolicitated product ideas and referring her to the legal policy posted on its website. "Evidently she had a good idea," commented the DJs' jogging friend, who just happens to be a patent attorney. For the record, one of the third grader's ideas was to display lyrics on the screen. Wondering if that's an upcoming feature? Listen to the girl's story here.


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