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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunrise 6:33 am: Easter musing while rabbit hunting

Undoubtedly many an Easter egg hunt got put on hold this morning due to the steady downpours of rain. But just before noon some spots of blue started to poke through, encouragement enough for the female Dawn Jogger and Cassie to go looking for Easter rabbits while pondering a bit about the meaning of Easter. They tried to get a bunny's eye view of the world; it's not hard this year with all the tall grass. The Stanford campus is host to both jack rabbits and more sadly, abandoned pet cottontails.

Making their way to the more civilized parts of the campus, they came upon the New Guinea Sculpture Garden, created in 1994 by 10 master carvers from Papua New Guinea. During their six months of work, the carvers and the local project workers were transformed by the power of community and the bonds of brotherhood. One carver spoke at the closing ceremony: "You saw us and you thought we were from a wild area, the jungle. You didn't know us and we didn't know you. Now we are brothers. Now we are friends." Not a bad Easter story in itself.


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