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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sunrise 6:34 am: Horses and an uncle who loved them

The Dawn Joggers and Cassie were not detered by the continuing showers and hit the streets of San Francisco as planned for a 7-mile walk along the Embarcadero, stopping for a excellent lunch at the Market Bar restaurant. The excursion to the City was prompted by the three-day 1906 Great Earthquake and Fire Expo held in Pier 48 and the adjacent parking lot near the Giants ballpark. Arrived just as the various fire departments from other cities were hooking up their magnificent draft horse teams to some vintage steam fire engines, the largest collection assembled at one time. How the female DJ's Uncle Stuart would have loved this day, his two passions being horses and baseball. A memorial plaque to him is found at McCovey Point directly across from the ballpark. It's just above a bronze baseball and reads:
Stuart A Reid, 7/9/19-5/28/02, SF Giants Fan.


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