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Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunrise 7:28: Walking through New Orleans

The female Dawn Jogger had a literary theme on her mind as the DJs set out for a walk through the streets of New Orleans this morning after a very pleasant breakfast in their courtyard. Their part of the French Quarter is quiet and residential, and just a couple of blocks away on Barracks St. was the home (or was the home) of Nine Lives character Frank Minyard, who was the New Orleans coroner (the female DJ is still in the pre-hurrican part of the book). They checked it out and noted the slave quarters in the back (where Minyard resided) before heading down (actually probably up) to the river.

New Orleans is a city of encounters - the kitchen helper who chatted with the female DJ up while she photographed a colorful locker through the window, the elderly trumpet player/singer who stopped the female DJ and crooned while the male DJ snapped photos, the bar crowd (midday buzz apparent) at the Old Point where they stopped for a beer after walking along the levee in Algiers, reached by ferry across the Mississippi. (Finding great dive bars has always been a favorite pastime of the DJs, albeit one they don't often admit, and the Old Point should be on the historic record of such places - it even had the candy apple red old Lincoln Continental in front.)

If just drinking in the atmosphere wasn't enough to give them a Tennessee Williams feel, they ate lunch at Stanley and plan dinner at Stella! (The exclamation point is part of the name). Both are owned by local celebrity chef Scott Boswell who was using the afternoon at Stanley to work on a future project. It really is fun just to wander around...


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