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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunrise 7:22: Can't keep death at bay

Two weekends ago when the female Dawn Jogger was out for some morning exercise with friend Lisa while they were at the Vestry retreat, she commented that "at least no one is dying at the start of this year [unlike last]." She came home that Sunday to learn a good friend's Mom had suffered a massive stroke; she died the next day. This morning, she stopped to inspect the tree (pictured) she always associates the the dog Mister Buster, who Cassie would tumble with when they met at sunrise near the Stanford mausoleum. Both are now gone; Cassie almost a year (and spoken of by the DJs every day). Just 5 minutes later on her route, she came upon a lady she's seen walking her two dogs for the past three years. Sadly, Cesar the German Shepherd died last week. "It's like there's a big hole in my apartment," she said. And in her heart...


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