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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sunrise 6:58: A chef with a point of view

The rain (and thunder and lightening) - very heavy at times - started last night and was still steady at daybreak and throughout the morning. The male DJ diligently did his "Heidi exercises" while the female DJ pondered how to spend a good portion of the day in a local activity. The solution: eat a long lunch.

She'd been intrigued by a restaurant in Annecy called Nature & Saveur featuring "cuisine origenelle" by female chef, Laurence Salomon. Their drive in the rain (and finding a place to park in the twisty streets of the old town) was much rewarded not only by the delightful food but the warm welcome of the staff (including Madame's husband).

If she were cooking in America, Mme. Salomon would be hailed as an accomplished disciple of Alice Waters. She sources her food very carefully and features only the freshest and most organic ingredients - and then turns them into dishes that mix tastes in inventive ways. If they were local, the DJs would become regulars...



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