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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunrise 5:53: Another good baseball town

It was another up early and get on an airplane for the female Dawn Jogger this morning, so she's looking back on the fun time at "The K" home of the Kansas City Royals last night with friend Alice watching the San Francisco Giants in interleague play. The "K" is one of the last of the old style (meaning 60s/70s) stadiums, opening for play in 1973. Now that really old style has become new style, it, too, is getting a face lift in time for next season. Kansas City doesn't have the reputation of some of the other Midwest baseball towns (Chicago and St. Louis) but it was a near sell out crowd last night to see the losing Royals play the losing Giants - and the female DJ managed to make some new baseball friends in line for the obligatory brat and around their great seats behind the Royal's dugout. Losing again today, the Giants are probably glad to be getting out of town...

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