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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunrise 5:47: Greeter robin

Some people have a dog or a cat to greet them. The Dawn Joggers have Ms. Robin who is often on the lawn when they return from exercise or errands. There she was hopping about this morning when the female DJ came back from a good walk around the neighborhood and back up along the creek. (She's still nursing ouchiness on both sides, so taking it slow.) The nest sitting continues as well, expected date of arrival of the new brood unknown.

And yes the Obama sign has gone up, joining dozens and dozens of others in Menlo Park. Like during the primary when few Hillary signs appear, McCain signs are few and far between. The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this week, citing Federal election data, that Menlo Park residents had contributed almost $500,000 to Obama compared to about $300,000 for Clinton and $78,000 for McCain through April. The female DJ still can't believe Obama is really the candidate, but she's really pleased...


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