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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunrise 5:48: Water be gone

When it's been as busy as it's been at Lake Lagunita this spring, a few days can make a difference. So the female Dawn Jogger looked forward to getting back to her Tuesday lake route, where she often meets dawn community member Judy as she did this morning.
The stream that's been flowing into the lake for the past three months has been turned off, so the water, now choked with vegetation, will slowly begin to recede. All 14 ducks of on of the early hatches have made it to almost maturity, with only new feathers left to emerge to distinguish between the males and females. There's one new group of six ducklings, a sort of last hurrah to the busy season. And the tiny frogs continue to jump along the banks in certain places. All in all, a very successful spring on the lake...


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