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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunrise 6:56: Game day - go Bruins

The female Dawn Jogger completed her Saturday Big Dish route and then read a couple of sports section to get a morning climate check on Final Four game day. None of the writers offers much hope of a Bruin victory over the Gators. One dissenter is LA Times' columnist Bill Plaschke, who admits to picking UCLA to lose in year's past. He writes he's not making a "seventh mistake. UCLA beats Florida tonight" citing the "Howland effect," the "championship effect," and "the Collishipp effect." The female DJ admits to getting overly worked up by these big games and predicts that the male DJ will admonish her to stop swearing like a sailor before the tonight's game is over. At least the police cows (grazing on Stanford land, no less) were sporting Bruin blue and gold...


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