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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sunrise 7:16: Lumix magic

The male Dawn Jogger has rightly criticized the female DJ for "never reading the manual." And that means any manual. So she struggles with all the audio/video/PDA/desktop/laptop etc. controls. And such is the case with the Lumix camera that shoots most of the First Blush photos. For such a "simple" camera, there are a lot of settings. If only the female DJ knew what they did. Because it's so dark on her morning outings and because, with the male DJ on the DL, she's now shooting most of the photos, she is beginning to notice the difference among a number of flash settings. One, she thinks, sets up a time exposure of sorts and also produces the painterly (colors are more textured, not quite real), grainy feeling. This morning she experimented by shooting a number of lighted Stanford buildings in the main quad.


Blogger Getze said...

very nice photo ma dukes...lots of texture!

12:51 PM  

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