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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunrise 7:14: Tall thanks

No, the amaryllis pictured was not part of the female Dawn Jogger and Cassie's walk today. But other than good visits along the way with DJ community members Judy, Kate and Barbara (all in late morning mode), their outing was far from one of their best.
The female DJ continues to mourn the loss of their well-trodden path along the golf course. It's been bulldozed over as part of the construction of the Stanford athletic department's practice course (which will serve about 20 student-athletes as opposed to hundreds of weekly users pre closure). Every stranger they encountered commented on the loss. The female DJ keeps hoping for a new path adjacent to the community garden but an exploration today (new smells for Cassie!) turned up nothing.

So given their less than exciting outing, the female DJ took a photo of one of three bouquets that were waiting for her when she and the male DJ returned from UCSF on Saturday morning. Seems the male DJ had called Craig at J Floral Art, on Friday afternoon, saying "I've just given my spouse the worst birthday present ever, 'Help.'" The outcome was three, four-foot tall bouquets. Wow...


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